The return of Notre Dame

Beauraing on November 29, 1932, Fernande Voisin, her brother Albert, their sister Gilberte, their friend Andrée Degeimbre, and her little sister Gilberte are in front of the door of the boarding school.

Albert turns, looks in the direction of the embankment of the railway and exclaims: "Look at the Virgin who walks over the bridge!" He sees a woman dressed in white, "all light," walking a yard above the bridge. When the girls turn in their turn, they can also see the "beautiful lady".

The Virgin Mary is still manifested thirty times, until January 3, 1933.

Fernand Vidouse pharmacist and photographer beaurinois tries as many other photographers to capture with his goal appearances. Unlike the others, he is suspected of having begun secret work. His disappearance remains a mystery until today.

The last time Fernand was seen, he entered St Martin's Church.

You have an hour before the next celebration to investigate his disappearance and discover the purpose of his work ...

Difficulty : 5/5

Handling : 5/5

Search : 2/5

Reflexion : 5/5

Maximum number of players : 5 (recommended 4)

Time : 90 min.