Tim Jenkin Experience

Tim Jenkin, a South African from Cape Town, was sentenced in 1978 to 12 years' imprisonment for publicly displaying his support for the African National Congress, an anti-apartheid political party that remained outlawed from 1960 to 1990, the most famous representative is none other than Nelson Mandela. 

Locked in Pretoria's high security prison, Tim Jenkin plans an escape. It will take two years to make the 14 keys of the 15 doors that separate it from freedom.  

Sergeant Vermeulen makes sure you do not try anything.

Ready to challenge him? Locked in your turn at Pretoria Central Prison you will have an hour to escape.

Difficulty : 3/5

Handling : 3/5

Search : 2/5

Reflexion : 3/5

Maximum number of players : 5 (recommended 4)

Time : 60 min.

!!! Warning !!! not recommended for pregnant women, people clautrophobes. Provide long clothes (no shorts and skirt), no heel.

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Our room has spread in every sense of the word,
more space, more puzzles and more references to Tim Jenkin's escape
for 90 minutes of play !!!

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